Our Story

Our story

There is nothing more valuable in our lives than our little ones. Our little angels. There is nothing we would not do for their health and happiness.
They are everything to us.
Available commercial products have failed to meet our expectations and we have never been satisfied with what they provide for our toddlers.
Precisely for this reason, as parents, we have been preparing, for our own babies, 100% natural, handmade products of unmatched quality for four years now. For our babies and the babies of all our relatives and dear friends.


This is how our new brand The Golden Toddler, was born; from floods of positive comments and enthusiasm, requests we place our products on the market, and our own desire for all parents to provide their toddlers with that which we have provided our own – and that is the best possible baby care products.


With that, The Golden Toddler joined our family of brands The Golden Goddess and The Golden Spartan, which has been making us grown-ups happy for years.


The Golden Toddler offers 100% natural, handmade products.
All products are made in small controlled batches, with a lot of love and attention.
We are as always, inspired by nature, knowledge, and the responsibility we feel towards our dear customers.


We will not list all the harmful and synthetic ingredients that our products do not contain. When we say 100% natural, we mean just that – 100% natural and nothing else. No compromise!
Furthermore, all our products are clinically tested in a certified laboratory and possess health safety certificates.
We invite you to view the Pediatricians page, where you can read the opinions of those who know best what your little ones need.


You are all our family. This is how we see you and we will always do everything to make you completely satisfied, and your little ones happy, healthy, and nurtured.

Why us?

We have years of experience in the production of the highest quality, 100% natural & handmade cosmetics.
The domestic, regional and international markets have recognized our unique story, efforts and all the love we bring into the production of our products.

We care about your little ones.