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Handmade and all natural products

Available commercial products have failed to meet our expectations and we have never been satisfied with what they provide for our toddlers. Precisely for this reason, as parents, we have been preparing, for our own babies, 100% natural, handmade products of unmatched quality for two years now. This is how our new brand The Golden Toddler, was born.

A little about us

The Golden Toddler offers 100% natural, handmade products. All products are made in small controlled batches, with a lot of love and attention. You are all our family. This is how we see you and we will always do everything to make you completely satisfied, and your little ones happy, healthy and nurtured.

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We are extremely satisfied with the products. After less than a week, we noticed a big difference. Our little one's skin is healthier. It is no longer dry, it is hydrated and soft.

Milica Bajić

My little one loves the Toe to Toe Wash! There are no more tears and no more dry skin!

Vesna Milinković

Thank you! Every skincare product I need for my princesses, I get from you.

Maja Grbić

The Baby Bar soap is incredibly mild. It is solid and lasts a very long time.

Slađana Bekrić

The most effective zinc-based cream I have ever tried! A huge + since it is 100% natural.

Biljana Lukić Spasić

We bought one product at a time, now we have all of them. Our toddler’s skin has never been better!

Jelena Tasić

The only thing I'm sorry about is that we didn’t use your products from the very beginning.

Vesna Miler

The Nappy Care cream is fantastic! We use it for every diaper change and wherever we notice dry skin patches.

Maja Ćurčić