Our 5 favorite natural ingredients in baby skincare products

Close your eyes and imagine walking through a clear mountain meadow somewhere in a remote corner of western Serbia, in July, in the early evening…
You can hear crickets and the air is deepened by the sweet scent of plant juices and lush grass. The world is alive and so are you with it and with your children, on a meadow full of life. Life is a gift and a miracle, an infinite blessing. There, on that meadow, you feel that you are a part of the whole universe and that the marigold flower that lies on your palm is also a miracle and a blessing!



It smells green and orange like health and the sun. For centuries, it has been known as healing and beneficial for the whole body. Especially for the skin. Against irritation, inflammation, insect bites and wounds. For skincare … As king of dermo-cosmetics, a friend of your baby’s health. An ally for breastfeeding mothers, for the care of damaged breast skin, great for baby’s bottom when it is rashed. It is rich in medicinal beta-carotene, phytosterols and hundreds of other active ingredients.




German, Roman, domestic, wild, it does not matter. Each variety of chamomile is a treasure trove of healing and nourishing resources for the whole body. It will soothe and nurture the baby’s skin, gently prepare it for sweet dreams with its scent, and relax its delicate muscles. It will nourish irritated skin with its powerful bisabolol and chamazulene, and it will also help with more serious conditions of damaged epidermis. Chamomile smells of innocence and is associated with childhood.



This exceptional cereal has been known for its nutritional or phytotherapeutic properties since the Bronze Age. Oat milk and oatmeal dressings are used to soothe irritated skin, reduce inflammation, heal ulcers, soothe itching, and help repair burns and other skin injuries.
Oats have phytosterols, alkaloids, vitamins A, K, E, micro and macro elements, medicinal lecithin, versatile choline, enzymes … All of them are extremely beneficial in the care of sensitive and delicate baby’s skin.



Blessed plant, adaptable to all meridians and latitudes, generous and powerful like Our Lady on the throne, so it is also called Our Lady’s grass, although it is popularly known by at least ten other names: from “Ivan’s cabbage” to “Cut grass”.
St. John’s wort is rich in tannins, flavonoids, resins and hypericin, which gives the macerate its famous red color. St. John’s wort relieves many ailments and ailments and provides the baby’s skin with quick recovery, care and regeneration. St. John’s wort is known to be beneficial for burns, and it is also excellent for all other inflammatory skin conditions. It will be gentle and effective in caring for your babies.



It does not grow on our meadows, but it is simply indispensable on this top list and is an irreplaceable ingredient in many natural products intended for the skincare of babies and children.
Recognized by modern medicine, the elixir of vitality and youth, the queen of skincare, a tonic and conditioner! All that and much more. Extremely rich in minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and phenolic compounds, it has a strong antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect. It accelerates wound healing and penetrates well through all tissues. It is one of the brightest stars in the great constellation of Phyto cosmetics.
Well, that’s our Top 5 ingredients for the gentle skincare of babies. If you thought the ranking had certain rules and are in a particular order, we’ll reassure you with a simple statement:
These plants can never be compared individually and their power lies in the synergy and blending, as well as in the experience of the producers to use them in the right way and in the right amount. They are powerful individually, but when applied correctly together, they are even more powerful.
For the health and happiness of our little ones!

D. Ilić, 07.06.2021.